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One of the main reasons given for sickness absence at work is headaches or migraine at a cost of over £2.25 billion to the economy.

Many migraine sufferers who attend work despite experiencing an attack do so because of fear of facing disciplinary action or losing their job, fear of being seen as unreliable or being stigmatised.  Sometimes migraine sufferers find themselves in a position where their employment is making them more unwell or they are unable to continue their current employment due to their migraine condition.

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Employment Advocacy ToolkitEmployment Advocacy Toolkit

The Migraine Trust has an Employment Advocacy Toolkit (PDF, 283KB) which provides information about migraine in the workplace and tools and guidance to help migraine sufferers if difficulties arise at work.

We are currently out of stock of hard copies of the toolkit.

How can the Advocacy Service help?

The Migraine Trust seeks to empower migraine sufferers to effectively manage their migraines and retain their employment where possible. We promote equality of opportunity and the prevention of discrimination in employment.

The Advocacy Service can provide you with information and ‘advocacy tools’ (template letters, forms, statements etc.) to enable you to understand your options and to advocate for yourself or another migraine sufferer. If you require independent advocacy support regarding your employment issues in relation to your migraines the Advocacy Service may be able to help. To make a referral please fill out our online referral form and we will contact you to discuss your suitability. 

Please note, due to limited capacity we are unable to provide representation for every case. Representation by the service will typically involve letter/email writing and phone calls on your behalf however each case will be considered on an individual basis. This is NOT an advice service and the Advocacy Service is not able to make decisions on behalf of migraine sufferers. If our service is unsuitable for you we will endeavour to signpost you to an organisation which can support you. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information. Disclaimer.

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