Information for migraine sufferers

Want to know more about migraine? 

In this section you can find information to help you understand and manage migraine.

Taking some time to understand this complex neurological condition may help you to live with migraine and to work in partnership with your healthcare professionals.

Information provided by The Migraine Trust utilises the best available research evidence as well as the clinical experience of leading neurologists.

Information and Enquiry Service

The Migraine Trust offers an Information and Enquiry Service, which responds to enquiries about migraine and disabling headache.  Please appreciate that The Migraine Trust is unable to provide individual clinical advice or diagnosis.  This can only safely be provided by a person’s own health professionals who are in a position to take responsibility for their patients’ health care.

Whilst every effort is made to source information from authoritative sources, it has to be remembered that information will by definition be general.  Information from The Migraine Trust cannot substitute for an appointment with your doctor or nurse.  Your health professionals are the people who can give you personal advice about your specific health condition.  You can email the Information and Enquiry Service or call us on 020 7631 6975.

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The Migraine Trust also offers an Advocacy Service.

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