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Migraine and employment

27th March 2012

Migraine and employment

The Migraine Trust is running an employment campaign throughout 2012 to highlight how having migraine can affect people at work.  The campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding of migraine amongst employers, employees and society generally as well as highlight people's rights, provide information and suggest sources of support.

Take part in our employment survey

To help inform our work on migraine and employment we have put together a survey.  We invite migraine sufferers (aged 16+ and living in the UK) to share their thoughts and experiences with The Migraine Trust by completing the survey.  The survey will close at 12noon on Friday 13th April 2012.

The Migraine Trust's employment campaign

Since launching our Advocacy Service in September 2011 over 62% of enquiries have concerned employment, with the main issue being sickness absence policies.  Unfortunately we’ve heard some shocking stories of how people with migraine are being treated unfairly in the workplace.

You can learn more and support the employment campaign by making a donation here.

Share your thoughts and experiences

We believe the more everyone talks about how migraine can impact on employment for sufferers the more employers and society will have to listen and learn.  You can contribute to the discussion via Disqus (below), Facebook and Twitter.  You can also raise awareness by telling your friends, family and colleagues about The Migraine Trust's employment campaign.

If you would like more information about this work please don't hesitate to contact us.

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