Improving clinical data to inform best practice

A networked approach to improving data collection, publication and analysis to support good care

The rationale for improving the datasets

Without the necessary data to establish a baseline measure of performance in migraine and headache care it can be very difficult to understand and commission the types of activities that result in the best outcomes.  The UK Headache Network is committed to working with our partners across the UK to develop, share and enhance existing and new data sets to improve services for people with headache and migraine.

Briefing papers on national datasets for headache and migraine in the UK

The following briefing papers, produced by The Migraine Trust and supported by BASH, NHiS and the Royal College of Nursing, provide a summary of nationally available datasets for headache and migraine in England, Scotland and Wales.  The briefing papers include a set of recommendations to be able to effectively capture the true impact and cost of these conditions in the future.