Mapping clinics to support referrers

An interactive map of specialist clinics across the UK to support referrals

Making a referral

Most patients with migraine should be dealt with by a health professional in primary care. But in some cases it will be best to make a referral to a headache or migraine specialist. Unfortunately, there are not that many neurologists or GPs who have a special interest in headache and migraine.

If a patient has had migraine for many years and if there are no new or unusual features or symptoms then there is no need to refer them for a brain scan. Patients may however request a scan, often because they want reassurance that they do not have a brain tumour. Generally however, brain scans do not provide information that is valuable. If however the history of the patient or through examining the patient there is a suggestion that the migraine or headache could be secondary to underlying pathology a referral should be made.

The Migraine Trust maintains a database of specialist services to support health professionals when referring patients, and for ease of network and collaborative working.

It is the policy of The Migraine Trust to include only NHS clinics and registered charity clinics in this list of migraine and headache health services.


Please use the form below to tell us about your service if it is not already included in our  clinics map or to update an existing listing.

NHS Headache Services

If you provide headache services within the NHS, please use this form to help us keep our information up to date. We will use the information you share with us to maintain our migraine clinics map to aid patient referrals. It is our policy to include only NHS and registered charity clinics in our headache services information.
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  • Who do you accept referrals from?
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  • Headache service phone number
  • Any other information to share about the headache service, such as how many days per week/month the clinic runs, etc.
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