Migraine stories

People affected by migraine share their personal experience

The migraine stories shared below aim to show the real impact of living with migraine, whilst also offering support and comfort to others affected by this debilitating but often misunderstood condition. Each person’s experience of living with migraine will be different – from the symptoms to frequency and severity of attacks, to the treatments used and the impact on work, family and social life.


“I will always be grateful to them for their kind and generous treatment of me.”

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“I remember being very frightened, I thought I was having a stroke”

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“I still try to live every moment to the fullest and experience everything I can.”

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“Migraines are invisible and that’s why no one understands”

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“I can only hope that there is a magic solution out there in the near future”

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“I struggled greatly with university thanks to migraine”

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“Dear Migraine, I feel it’s time to write to you. You have been a part of my life for so long”

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“I ended up in the emergency department with slurred speech and weakness”

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“Over the years it has affected work, relationships and confidence”

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“I found that people just did not understand or even care”

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Photo of the Dawson familyDawson Family

“Heartbreakingly for our three children, the headache free days are rare”

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“I increasingly feel that I have not been able to fulfill my potential”

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“My face, mouth and leg starts to tingle and become numb”

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“I was diagnosed with chronic daily migraine, trigeminal neuralgia and hemicrania continua”

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Photo of TonyTony

“My vision was disappearing, disappearing, disappearing”

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Migraine stories: KarenKaren

“Over the years my migraine patterns have changed, as have I”

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Photo of SarahSarah

“Migraines only became a problem for me in my 50s”

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Photo of ClaireClaire

“I started to experience visual disturbances”

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Head and shoulders graphicPaul

“It is with some trepidation that I share my story”

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Photo of PatriciaPatricia

“I had pain down the left side of my head and face and could not think clearly”

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“Since I was nine years old I’ve suffered from hemiplegic migraines”

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“Then the headaches set in and things got really bad”

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Head and shoulders graphicKaty

“I was caught completely off guard with the volume of pain”

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“I have been retired from the Police Force after 14 years of service”

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“I lost all confidence in going out. As a mum I felt completely useless”

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Migraine stories: HollyHolly

“I became so petrified of my migraines”

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“I curl up in a ball most nights in such severe pain I’m crying”

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“I was diagnosed with basilar migraines about eight years ago”

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Migraine stories: ChristinaChristina

“I was so worried I’d be fired”

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Migraine stories: GrahamGraham

“One of the hard things to deal with is how other people react to my migraines”

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Migraine stories: LindaLinda

“I’m the bog standard classic without aura”

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“If you get migraine, or are a care giver for someone who is, just remember that you are not alone”

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“My first migraine occurred three days after the accident”

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