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Please appreciate that The Migraine Trust is unable to provide individual medical advice or diagnosis. You can read our disclaimer here.

We are a charity in the United Kingdom and therefore our information is UK based. If you are contacting us from elsewhere in the world, be aware that our information may not be relevant to your specific circumstances and at particularly busy times we may not be able to respond to people outside of the UK.

Information Service

If you have questions about migraine, other headaches and their management you’ll find our website contains a wealth of information. Our Information Service responds to enquiries about migraine and other disabling headache disorders, utilising the best available research evidence as well as the clinical experience of leading neurologists.

Advocacy Service

Our Advocacy Service provides a free and independent advocacy service that aims to empower people to assert their rights and claim their entitlements in the areas of health care, education and employment. This service is only available to people in the UK.

Press office

Journalists can contact the Press Office at or by calling 0203 9510 150 (or 07460 256 143 during out of office hours).


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