Our mission, vision and values

Migraine is the most common neurological disorder in the UK affecting 1 in 7 people. It is one of the most disabling lifetime conditions and causes 190,000 attacks every day. Yet migraine is one of the most misunderstood and underfunded medical conditions in modern medicine.

Sadly migraine is often trivialised – it does not attract the sympathy or attributed seriousness as comparable conditions. Many individuals struggle for years to manage their migraine and the enormous burden it can have on work, family and social lives.

The Migraine Trust is working to change this.

Migraine Trust researchOur mission

To promote research into migraine and reduce its burden on sufferers.

Our vision

A cure for migraine.

Our values

Dr Fayyaz AhmedThe Migraine Trust charity was founded in 1965 to improve the lives of people with migraine through research and education. This remains our focus now, 50 years later.

We are committed to reducing the burden of migraine – on individuals, their families, schools and employers, the health system, the economy and society as a whole.

Research is at the heart of our work. We fund and encourage the highest quality of medical research into the causes and treatments for migraine.

We believe in advancing knowledge through the dissemination of scientific learning and the sharing of best practice. We provide evidence-based information to empower and educate.

We campaign to position migraine as a serious public health issue and promote improved understanding and awareness.


Photo of a young fundraiserSupport our charitable work

As a charity we need your help to continue our valuable work and reach even more people affected by migraine.  Please make a donation today to help us immediately.  Or you might consider remembering us in your Will to support migraine understanding and awareness long into the future.