Our new five-year strategy

The next five years

The Migraine Trust has never been more needed. That’s the first line of our new five-year strategy and if that’s the only message that sticks then that’s enough. It’s by far the most important one.

NHS England recently announced that there are now 10 million people aged 15-69 living with migraine in the UK. The results of our own consultation of people affected by migraine – the largest ever consultation in our charity’s history – show that the care and treatment patients receive from the NHS across the UK isn’t good enough. Only 16% of respondents think the NHS is able to manage migraine well.

So we have to change things. Too many lives are being ruined, too many relationships are being broken, too many jobs are being lost, too many chances for a great life are being missed.

The Migraine Trust’s new five-year strategy is based closely on what people affected by migraine have told us they most want and need from our charity. You can read through the key survey results in the strategy itself but I would particularly highlight that the top five projects people affected by migraine have asked us to focus our energies on are:

  1. Supporting the development of the NHS migraine workforce
  2. Building a more ambitious migraine research agenda
  3. Piloting new ways to deliver NHS services to increase the number of people diagnosed with migraine
  4. A new Workplace Outreach Programme
  5. Growing our Managing Your Migraine events

Our strategy is also based on the belief that in building our agenda around what people affected by migraine have told us they most want and need, we will be able to inspire thousands more people to get involved in our charity and be a part of our growing UK migraine community. If you’re reading this then you’re clearly interested in the future of our charity and migraine care and research. I hope you feel this is as much your strategy as it is mine or the staff’s or our trustees’.

So what is our charity going to do over the next five years?

There’s two ways to answer that question. The first, and simplest, is that we are going to take five years’ worth of steps towards four key priorities for our charity:

  1. The delivery of our three new strategic goals
  2. Financial sustainability and sustainable growth
  3. Ensuring people affected by migraine are at the heart of our organisation
  4. Producing a staff team that is the envy of the charity world

The other way to answer that question is that we want to do eight things over five years. We want to do four things to refresh and modernise our charity’s ‘core services’ and four new things.

The four things we’re going to do to refresh and modernise our charity’s core services are:

  1. Launch new strategies for our Information and Support Services and Communications functions over the next year. These will particularly focus on modernising our website and digital content; providing new information and support content in different ways; and reaching people affected by migraine who we haven’t reached before.
  2. Launch a ‘State of the Migraine Nation’ report at the Migraine Trust International Symposium on 13 September 2020, and use it as the launch pad for a new programme of UK-wide campaigning over the next decade.
  3. Launch a new and more ambitious research strategy in 2021.
  4. Build a staff team that is the envy of the charity world.

The four new things we want to do are:

  1. Introduce a permanent nurse specialist role into the Information and Support Services Team this year.
  2. Launch a new Workplace Outreach Programme in 2021, following the success of our work with the UK Civil Service in 2019.
  3. Launch a new programme of activity to improve diagnosis rates by 2024, and specifically develop a simple online diagnosis support tool for people who suspect they might have migraine, which will sit on our website.
  4. Launch a moderated online community in 2024 to ensure that everyone has someone to talk to about any aspect of their migraine experience.

We’re clear that we are going to need a lot of help to deliver this strategy from the whole migraine community. We’re definitely going to need to raise a lot more money.  But there are plenty of other ways we’re going to need people and professionals to get involved.  We set out in the strategy how you can help if you’ve only got one minute to spare, one hour, or more time.

The easiest way for you to show you want to be a part of our exciting journey is by signing up to our monthly ebulletin here. We’ll let you know about all opportunities, events and ways to get involved in future editions.

Ultimately, what we’re trying to do through our new strategy is to reach more people affected by migraine, help more people, and change more people’s lives for the better.

28 February 2020