2nd February 2016

Call to save National Clinical Director for Neurology post

Neurological Alliance members write to the Secretary of State for Health and The Times

The Neurological Alliance and its member organisations (including The Migraine Trust) have written jointly to Jeremy Hunt MP, the Secretary of State for Health, following NHS England’s decision not to retain the position of National Clinical Director for Adult Neurology beyond March 2016. The letter explains the importance of national clinical leadership for neurology and calls on the Secretary of State to raise the issue with NHS England in order to find a solution. Read the letter here.

In addition, a joint letter from the Neurological Alliance and its members on this issue was published in The Times newspaper on January 31st.

“NHS England’s decision to cut the role of National Clinical Director is a backward step for neurology services and a real blow to patients and families. The millions of people living with neurological conditions must not be treated as an afterthought. NHS England must listen to the voices of patients and think again.” Arlene Wilkie, chief executive of the Neurological Alliance
“The National Clinical Director has played a key role in improving the management of headache disorders across England since appointment. The decision to cut this post by NHS England risks endangering the progress made in headache and neurology over the last two and a half years. We will continue to campaign for the decision to be reconsidered alongside the Neurological Alliance, its members, and colleagues across neurology.” Hannah Verghese, Advocacy, Policy and Campaigns Manager at The Migraine Trust

A full briefing on the issue is available to read and download here.

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