Caroline’s story

She reluctantly sent me to the neurologist

Caroline Strachan

I started getting migraine just over a year ago. It started with sparks in my vision initially and then every day headaches which were affecting my ability to work as I work in a bright office and constantly speaking on the phone.

My headaches are paired with ringing and clicking in my ears, pressure and pain in my ears, pain in my neck and cheeks/face, pins and needles on my head and face, and twitching. I also experience pins and needles in random areas of my body.


I was so worried about my headaches I convinced myself something was seriously wrong and after persisting with my doctor she sent me for a CT scan of my head. Thankfully this was clear.

However, as my migraine were an everyday occurrence, I convinced myself there was still something wrong and after many visits to the doctor and neurological examinations which were clear, she reluctantly sent me to the neurologist.


I finally spoke with the neurologist which was a 10 minute telephone appointment and was advised the symptoms I was facing were nothing to worry about and was prescribed Amitriptyline. I was diagnosed with tension type headaches with muscular involvement and some symptoms of migraine. The appointment was so short and over the phone due to Covid-19. I don’t feel I have had a thorough enough examination.

Impact of migraine

I have diagnosed myself with chronic migraine as I more or less get migraine everyday. Migraines have massively affected my life and at times have made me severely depressed. It’s hard not to worry when it’s a daily occurrence, it massively affects your day to day life and enjoyment.

I think my next step is to see a migraine specialist to better understand my diagnosis.

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