• 2nd September 2018

    Huge rise in people contacting The Migraine Trust for help with workplace issues

    The Migraine Trust is launching a drive to promote how workplaces can be ‘Mindful of migraine’.

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  • 6th August 2018

    Genomes project recruiting people with familial hemiplegic migraine

    The aim is to create a new genomic medicine service for the NHS

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  • 31st July 2018

    European Medicines Agency grants licence for Aimovig

    The Migraine Trust welcomes decision

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  • 6th July 2018

    Children with headache and migraine survey

    Help us develop a framework for optimal care for children and young people with headache and migraine

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  • 2nd July 2018

    Stronger unified voice and source of help for people living with migraine

    Migraine Action and The Migraine Trust have announced that there will now be one larger charity working for and on behalf of people with migraine

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