Christina's story


I’ve had migraines ever since I was very small, I suspect around age 5/6 and I’m 24 now. These were diagnosed as abdominal migraines and I specifically remember my first, as a child on holiday in France with my family. I began to get aura, sharp headache and subsequently ended up vomiting at the beach. My father and siblings also get migraines so I think they were able to identify what was going on. Since then on average I get around two a month.

During secondary school it was pretty tough – I’d get a bad reaction to various lights in the building and not everyone was understanding. There’s a huge amount of people that believe that migraines are only ever just headaches. While at school I had a weekend job as a barista and waitress. During this time I had a migraine during work and my manager insisted I stayed. I tried to explain that carrying/making hot drinks while I have a migraine is not possible or safe.

Since being a child my symptoms have increased a little. I now get first aura then headache and during the headache I get numbness on one side from my baby fingers up my arm into my neck, face. I can even feel my gums and tongue going numb and then I vomit a lot. As you can imagine this isn’t ideal when carrying three lattes to the ladies on table two – so I cried and left of my own accord. I left this job not long after this event.

I made it successfully through secondary school and sixth form. Eventually to take an apprenticeship in IT for an established children’s charity head office. From apprentice I moved to full time administrator and then into a new role as a developer. However it wasn’t all plain sailing. In two years following each other I had a month or so where I was useless. I would have about 3/4 migraines a week knocking me out for more than a day at a time. It also left it impossible for me to work (computer screens + aura = 🙁 ). I was SO worried I’d be fired, I’d make the one and a half hour bus and train trip to work and within five minutes have to leave after the aura started. I was trying SO hard but I couldn’t stay. The stress of work combined with the fear of why is this happening and the upset of just constantly vomiting and being in pain I found really difficult.

Doctors couldn’t come up with a reason and prescribed me preventive medication, which I stopped taking as I didn’t like the effects it had on me. I just take a pill to try and stop the vomiting. During this time I finally found a doctor that was interested, he actively attended talks on migraines and I was so excited that there was finally someone that really was involved. He left the practice in the coming months unfortunately.

The migraines ran their course and I went back to normal. The next year this happened again. I can’t ever thank my employers enough for how they reacted. I was always supported, always believed even though they didn’t really understand. It was a really upsetting time in my life and actually makes me a little emotional to relay. I returned to work to have a health and safety assessment where I was bought a screen glare overlay for my monitor and given other suggestions.

I still struggle with my migraines as I’ve never been able to find an obvious trigger. I try my hardest to not let it make too much of an effect on my life (getting a migraine at a waterpark in Australia wasn’t ideal). Sometimes as long as you can see and you’re not vomiting you just need to push through.

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