18th July 2017

Core Outcome Set for Headache (COSH) study

Opportunity to help headache research

From time to time The Migraine Trust is approached by researchers seeking volunteers to assist with migraine related research projects. The following text is included on The Migraine Trust website for information only and this does not constitute a recommendation. Any questions should be made to the researchers directly using the contact details provided. You can learn more about taking part in research here and read our disclaimer here.

The Core Outcome Set for Headache (COSH) Study:

working towards agreement on what should be measured in headache research studies


The Core Outcome Set for Headache (COSH) study is seeking to better understand the outcomes that matter most to people who experience headache, to clinicians (including doctors and specialist nurses), policy makers and researchers, with a view to reaching agreement on a small group of outcomes (that is, a ‘core outcome set for headache’) that should be included, as a minimum, in all future headache studies.

Participating in the COSH study will involve completing of up to three on-line questionnaires over a period of four months. The questionnaires will be sent to you via email. Each questionnaire will ask you to think about the aspects of health you think should be assessed in all headache research studies. You will be asked to rate the importance of each outcome for inclusion in future headache research.

We are inviting people with a history of headache (episodic migraine / tension-type headache OR chronic migraine/ tension-type headache (+/- medication overuse)), clinicians and health professionals with a special interest in headache, and researchers involved in headache trials to complete the questionnaire.

If you are interested in participating in the COSH study and experience either chronic or episodic migraine, are a health professional or researcher in the field, or would like further information please contact either Dr Kirstie Haywood or Kimberley White at Warwick Medical School.