Emma's story

Having suffered from migraine all his life, my father knew how to help me

Emma and her husband

My first migraine was around primary school age, I think I was around 10 years old. I remember being in so much pain and crying with tears, my mum didn’t understand what was happening and wanted to call an ambulance but my father knew exactly what it was.

It was a migraine.

Having suffered from migraine all his life, my father knew how to help me. He stayed with me and reassured me I would eventually be okay and tried to keep me cool and calm and get me to sleep.

Ongoing migraine

At 38 years of age I still suffer from migraine. I’ve tried all sorts of medications and pain relief, and nothing will completely stop them although some medication does help.

As I’ve got older I’ve started to notice the warning signs, hyper sensitivity to smells, sounds, lights, tastes. I even get fidgety for the few hours before, like I’m struggling to settle down. If I’m in bed, then I’m tossing and turning before the full impact of migraine.

This usually involves thrashing around in debilitating pain for a few hours, then the vomiting cycle starts before I exhaust myself and fall asleep.

Hours later or even the next day, I’m usually so weak I can barely function. Sometimes it takes a few days to shake off the fatigue.

Sometimes people who know me decide they’re neurologists (!) and often ask “Have you tried a piercing? Have you tried these tablets? Have you tried reflexology? Have you tired Botox?”

Anyone with migraine will have researched all of these things!

Trust me! Those things are usually mentioned by people who don’t have migraine!

Unless you actually suffer from migraine, you will never understand.

Supportive family

I’m so lucky, my husband and children are so supportive. They often notice the warning signs before I do.

One day I hope there will be a cure for migraine, I feel like one of the lucky ones as my migraine attacks are only a handful a year, but for now I only hope and pray that my children do not inherit this condition.

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