1st March 2017

Evaluating a possible new treatment for reducing migraine frequency

Opportunity to participate in migraine research

From time to time The Migraine Trust is approached by researchers seeking volunteers to assist with migraine related research projects. The following text is included on The Migraine Trust website for information only and this does not constitute a recommendation. Any questions should be made to the researchers directly using the contact details provided. You can learn more about taking part in research here and read our disclaimer here.

Are you between 18 and 65 years old and experience between 4 and 14 migraines per month?

Have previous migraine treatments failed to work for you?


If you answered yes to the above you could potentially be eligible for a research project investigating a potential new migraine treatment.

Woman in hospital gown

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to investigate if this new medicine being tested is safe and effective in reducing migraine headaches.

As part of this research study you will need to attend regular visits to the hospital research site. You will be randomly given either the new potential treatment (active drug) or placebo (no active drug) for up to 12 weeks. After this period you will have the option to receive active drug for up to 1 year.  You will receive the treatment via injection at 4 weekly visits to the research site.

For more information

This study will be conducted at the below listed hospital sites, for more information please contact the researchers:

  • Hull Royal Infirmary, Neurology. Phone: 07459644729 or click here to email.
  • Royal Stoke University Hospital. Phone: 01782 675393 or click here to email.
  • Royal Sussex County Hospital. Phone: 01273 696955 Ext: 3907

This research is sponsored by Novartis Pharma Services AG.