Virgin Money London Marathon 2019

  • Sunday 7th April 2019 - Sunday 28th April 2019
  • 9:30 am
  • Central London

Please note that the exact date is yet to be confirmed, but likely to be a Sunday in April 2019.

Run for migraine

Did you know that eight million people suffer from migraine in the UK? No other neurological condition affects so many people. The Migraine Trust is working to raise awareness of migraine and support sufferers, however, we are a small charity and need your support to continue this work. By taking part in the London Marathon 2019 you will help us to raise much needed funds. You will also help raise awareness of migraine and The Migraine Trust among your friends, family and colleagues.

Apply for places here

Information about Migraine Trust charity places

Our charity places are limited. Each year we receive many more applications than places available owing to the huge interest in the London Marathon. Places require a £50 deposit, we ask in return that you pledge to raise at least £2,000 in sponsorship for our charity.

We will open applications for places in the 2019 London Marathon. Places are awarded based on the strength of applications, so we ask applicants to consider and explain in detail the motivation to run for The Migraine Trust and plans to reach the target. In the meantime, you may apply for a place by sending us a completed application. Our places in the 2018 London Marathon have now all been allocated.

If you have questions please get in touch with our fundraising team via our contact form.

Ballot entry

The Virgin Money London Marathon operate a public ballot entry system, which is usually open for a short period of a few days in the May of the previous year. Then in October, people hear whether or not they have been successful. If you are one of the lucky few to secure your own place, we would love for you to run for migraine. Unlike our charity place runners, we won’t ask you to make a fundraising pledge, but we will offer the same fundraising support. If you’d like to run for migraine, please contact our fundraising team via our contact form to let us know.

Worried that exercise might make your migraine worse?

You might be worried that physical activity could make your migraine worse, as many people have noted exercise can be a trigger for migraine.  However, research suggests that moderate aerobic exercise can have a therapeutic effect on migraine possibly reducing the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.

Benefits of exercise include reducing stress, improving the quality of sleep patterns and producing a feeling of well being.  Exercise also stimulates your body to release natural pain controlling chemicals and natural anti-depressant chemicals.  Embarking on a well planned exercise program could lead to better management of your condition and a possible reduction of medication.

Read our information on exercise and migraine for further details.

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