Research grants

Information for researchers

human brainProjects funded by The Migraine Trust aim to

  • examine the biology of the condition
  • analyse how changes in the brain actually cause migraine
  • improve the management and treatment of migraine

Types of research funding

Our grants and fellowships are held in universities, hospitals or recognised academic research institutes both in the UK and abroad. The Migraine Trust recognises that training researchers, and encouraging researchers into this field, is vital to the future of migraine research. We therefore provide funding for both PhD Studentships and Training Fellowships to encourage talented individuals into an academic research career.

As new monies becomes available details are posted on this website and in the scientific press.  The applications are peer reviewed before consideration by the Scientific Research Committee.

Training Fellowships

Fellowships are usually awarded for three years, to give clinicians and scientists protected time to undertake research.  All candidates are either clinical or non-clinical with a strong interest in clinical or basic science research related to migraine or other primary headaches.

Researchers in the labStudentships

Studentships are usually awarded for three years and candidates must apply with a named supervisor at a recognised university.

Project grants

We also provide project grants to enable scientists to examine a particular research question or small group of related questions. They are usually up to a maximum of 3 years.

How to apply

Further details of new fellowships, studentships and research awards will be posted on the website as soon as we have them.