Clinical trials or research projects seeking volunteers

Opportunities for you to take part in a clinical trial or research study

We believe that people affected by migraine should be involved at every stage of migraine research. One of the ways we facilitate this is by hosting an online database of migraine-related clinical trials or research studies happening in the UK that are seeking patient volunteers.

All of the studies we advertise in our database have been approved by our Scientific Research Committee. However, it’s important that we emphasise that these studies are not supported in any way by The Migraine Trust. We maintain this database for the purposes of informing people affected by migraine of opportunities that they may be interested in pursuing and to support the advancement of migraine research  – not to endorse a particular therapy or approach to migraine management. Details for each project are provided by the researchers and The Migraine Trust cannot guarantee the accuracy of information given or statements made. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Questions about volunteering

If you see a trial or project that you are interested in taking part in, or would like further information about it, please read the details provided, which might include a downloadable patient information document, and then use the contact details to contact the researchers or project coordinator directly.

What is it like to take part in a clinical trial?

Learn what is involved, questions to ask, and the advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Other ways to find out about studies seeking volunteers

If you can’t see a study listed in our database that you are eligible for or it’s not in your local region, your doctor or other healthcare professionals may know of research being carried out that may be right for you. You could also try contacting your local migraine clinic.

Information can also be found on the online registers of clinical trials, such as the UK Clinical Trials Gateway and the World Health Organization’s Clinical Trials Search Portal