31st July 2020

Four new trustees join our board

Professor Peter Goadsby, Wendy Thomas, Dr Kay Kennis and Dr Louise Rusk join board

We are delighted to announce that we have four new trustees.

They are leading migraine specialist Professor Peter Goadsby, our former chief executive Wendy Thomas, and GPs with a special interest in headache, Dr Louise Rusk and Dr Kay Kennis.

They bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise about migraine to our charity, which is needed more than ever with the pandemic posing so many challenges for the migraine community.

They were welcomed to the board by Michelle Walder, the chair of The Migraine Trust:

“We are thrilled to welcome new trustees and to welcome back some familiar faces to the board of The Migraine Trust.

“Dr Kay Kennis and Dr Louise Rusk will be joining us, bringing their wealth of primary care experience in addition to their special interest in headache. Professor Goadsby rejoins the board and we also welcome Wendy Thomas, formerly The Migraine Trust’s chief executive, both of whom have been dedicated to the work of the charity for many years.

“We are delighted to have all of their expertise in support of The Migraine Trust’s vision and strategy for the future.”

"One of the great privileges of my career is to serve as a trustee of The Migraine Trust. The pre-eminent patient-facing charity in the world, I am excited to work with my trustee colleagues to alleviate the burden of disabling headache disorders.” Professor Peter Goadsby
"I am absolutely delighted to take on this new role as trustee. Especially as a GP, I hope to bring a fresh view as we work towards improving migraine care in the community." Dr Louise Rusk
“I was very pleased to be offered the opportunity of becoming a trustee of The Migraine Trust in 2020 after so many years of being the chief executive. I received hugely helpful information from the charity back in the 1980s and 1990s when two of my children also started having migraine. My commitment to The Migraine Trust is ongoing. It is a wonderful organisation.” Wendy Thomas
“I’m excited to be joining the board and looking forward to helping to deliver the five year strategy.” Dr Kay Kennis

You can read the first of a series of blogs from our new trustees about why they are joining the board and the key parts of our new strategy that they will champion here.