Gary’s story

Migraines are ruling me, but I want to rule them


During the summer of 2002 I suffered an injury at the gym whilst lifting a very large weight. My first initial pain was a tight sensation at the top left hand side of my head.

Then, in 2004 an MRI unfortunately revealed a brain tumour which was named as ‘a colloid cyst of the third ventricle’. As confirmed by the surgeon, Professor Warnke, this was an accidental finding and had nothing to do with my symptoms. I underwent brain surgery immediately due to its life-threatening potential.

Then, from 2005 to 2015, I saw neurologists, numerous chiropractors, physiotherapists, pain specialists, to try and stop the headaches and referred pain that I was experiencing.

Unfortunately, in 2015 I had to undergo further brain surgery which was a massive operation and unfortunately I now suffer from short term memory problems.

A diagnosis

Finally, in February 2018, I was referred to see Dr Nicholas Silver at the Walton Centre in Liverpool, and he diagnosed my problem as Hemicrania Continua.

Relief at last!

After what I had been through, and all the people I had seen, I had finally been given a diagnosis!

I am now looking for a cure to my problem.

To date I have received occipital nerve injections and cranial nerve injections. Unfortunately these have not provided relief. I have also just finished a three month trial of gammacore vagus nerve stimulator, but this has provided no relief either.

I’m currently awaiting my next appointment and I will not be defeated by this condition! I am extremely interested in what could be new and available in tackling this condition!!

Migraines are ruling me…. but I want to rule them! Pain makes people change, but it also makes them stronger!

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