Gemma's story


My migraines started in 2014 after a particularly stressful time in my life. At first I didn’t know what was happening, I would feel unbalanced (giddy) for days on end and I didn’t suffer with the ‘classic’ migraine symptoms I had heard others complain of. Often I didn’t have a headache, I wasn’t sick and light didn’t bother me.

The GP tried various anti-vertigo tablets and whilst they eased my symptoms it did not cure it. I found myself getting worse over the summer in particular and I got to the stage where all I wanted to do was stay in bed and I lost all confidence in going out. As a mum I felt completely useless.

After a year of constantly visiting my GP I was referred to a neurologist. After seeing him it finally made sense. He understood everything I said, he listened and reassured me. He told me about migraines and all the different types, I had no idea there were so many!

I was given an MRI and it was all clear, which was the biggest relief as you fear the worst when you have an illness you cannot see. The neurologist recommended The Migraine Trust to me and printed out a migraine diary to help me track my symptoms. Now armed with some knowledge I could begin to get better.

I’ve tried numerous types of medication and finally I have got one that works. Although it is a preventive medication I do still get migraines but my symptoms are greatly reduced. I’ve gone from having migraines four times a week to about two attacks a month. I’m still learning my triggers but I feel more positive knowing there are other people out there who are going through what I am.

Many still don’t understand how debilitating migraines can be. But as migraine sufferers we can educate others and support those around us that are suffering. It’s OK not to be OK sometimes. You’re not alone.

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