Christmas appeal

With your support The Migraine Trust will be able to help the thousands of people that need it.

While many of us will undoubtedly be struggling with change this season, there is one unchangeable constant—that many people with migraine will still be struggling and in pain.

One such person is Ivy, who, at 18 years old has struggled with migraine for most of her life.

“I think I have been dealing with migraine as early as the age of 7. My first memory of migraine was being on holiday with my family in Switzerland, visiting a chocolate factory. The strong smell of chocolate triggered what I now know to be a migraine attack and I spent the rest of the holiday in a dark room.

I wasn’t diagnosed with migraine until my condition became chronic when I turned 15. From then I have suffered from head pain, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity and nausea all of which vary in severity every day.

Migraine made a lasting impression on my education. I relied on The Migraine Trust’s expertise, as I wanted to understand what support might be available to a person with chronic migraine. I was so grateful for their help and want to do my part and give something back to the charity.”

Ivy, 18 years old

With your support The Migraine Trust can continue to support people like Ivy, who continue to struggle with the physical and emotional distress migraine creates as well as the complications it brings to our lives.

Please help us change the lives of people, like Ivy, by giving a gift today