Fundraising heroes

Find inspiration from some of our fundraisers

To help inspire you and show that the possibilities for fundraising are endless, here are some examples of how people raise money for The Migraine Trust.

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Paul’s race to find a cure for migraine

Paul after the race with his medal

Paul Johnstone ran the Edinburgh marathon for the charity in May. Not only did he complete the run in an impressive time, he raised vital awareness of migraine and over £700 for migraine research and support services. Paul was inspired to raise funds for The Migraine Trust because he wife Nathalie has had migraine for a long time. Thank you Paul for your support and congratulations on such a fantastic achievement!

Speaking about why he ran the race, he said: “I ran for the charity because my wife, Nathalie, has been suffering from migraine since she was a child and the condition has become worse and worse during the years to the point where she was diagnosed as a chronic suffer. I feel it is important to socialise this debilitating condition as much as possible, given that it gets very little coverage as it is not seen to be life threatening. Life threatening or not, it has the power to destroy the life of suffers for many, many years and more often than not those are supposed to be the most productive years of a person’s life. We need people to stand up and help to push migraine-specific research up the health agenda.”

Open garden season for Valda

Open garden fundraiser
Valda and her beautiful garden

Valda has been an active supporter of The Migraine Trust for many years. She opens her beautiful garden, full of Hellebores, to sell plants and raise awareness of migraine, a condition she has lived with for most of her life and says:

“One of my first jobs involved typing and unfortunately this gave me tension headaches almost every day, some of which were migraines but at that time I didn’t realise. It was very difficult to arrange social events as I was always worried that I would have a migraine and not be able to eat as I always felt bilious too. During this time I was at my lowest ebb as the pain was excruciating.”

Valda has raised over £5,300 for The Migraine Trust since she started her open garden weekends in Yarm. This is such a fantastic achievement and we are deeply grateful for Valda’s hard work and her continued support.


“I eventually saw a neurologist who told me about triptans. I believe I was one of the first people to try Imigran. I could not believe it worked so quickly and within a couple of hours of the injection I was able to function as normal as though I had never had a headache. I now take it in a tablet form and it still works every time. This treatment came as a result of research and without The Migraine Trust I would not have heard about it. I now feel able to give something back and open my garden once a year and sell plants to raise funds so that research into a complete cure can be found.” Valda describing her journey to effective treatment

Mark’s lockdown challenge

One of the UK’s leading migraine specialists is undertaking a lockdown challenge to help people affected by migraine. Dr Mark Weatherall, a consultant neurologist from Buckinghamshire, is rowing and running two kilometres every day for 20 days to raise funds for The Migraine Trust, a charity that helps people affected by migraine. He is supporting the charity because he sees the serious impact that migraine has on his patients.

Mark, who is also Chair of the British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH), has chosen this distance because it is between two important locations for migraine. It is the equivalent of rowing from Ware in Hertfordshire (where the first triptan, an acute medication for migraine, was discovered) to Queen Square in London (where the first UK migraine clinic was set up), and running back.

Mark Weatherall
“Now, more than ever, it’s important not to lose sight of the suffering that chronic headache disorders can cause. That’s why I’m raising money for The Migraine Trust. The Trust provide invaluable support to patients across the UK. If my sweat and sore legs can provide funds for education, information, and advocacy, it will have all been worthwhile.” Mark Weatherall

Rebecca’s run for vestibular migraine

A massive congratulations to Rebecca Chilcott for completing the Cardiff Half Marathon in October 2018 and raising over one thousand pounds for us.

Rebecca has had migraine since the age of 15. Then, at the age of 29, it developed from episodic migraine with aura into vestibular migraine. She wanted to run to raise funds for research into the condition. She also wanted to raise awareness of vestibular migraine.

You can read more about Rebecca and her run here.

Rebecca Chilcott with her medal
“I am so proud to have completed the Cardiff Half Marathon and the London Marathon. For many years I was a spectator due to chronic vestibular migraine symptoms. I hope the money I have raised for The Migraine Trust will help other people with it to find relief in the future.” Rebecca Chilcott