Help us hire a permanent nurse specialist

Your support could make a big difference

Our Information and Support Service is receiving a significant number of calls from people who aren’t getting the support they need. Many people want help in self-managing their migraine and many others need support in getting effective treatment. This is having a significant impact on their lives.

Why a specialist nurse would help us with this

It is crucial that The Migraine Trust uses its resources as effectively as possible in meeting the needs of people affected by migraine. Therefore, we have trialled having a nurse specialist in the team over the last year and it has had a substantial impact in how we help people. By focusing on the most complex and clinical enquires she enabled the freeing up of resources to allow the team to respond to more enquires. She has also provided a range of new information through our website, ebulletin, and our magazine Migraine News.

This allowed us to help even more people affected by migraine, but the trial is almost over and we don’t currently have the funds to hire another nurse.

There is so much more we could do with a permanent nurse specialist

Our 2019 migraine community survey helped us identify four key ways a nurse specialist can support people affected by migraine. They are:

  1. Further improve the information and support we are able to provide people who contact our helpline and come to our website, with the hope of giving more people the confidence to seek better care and treatment from the NHS.
  2. Help us develop a clearer ‘public identity’ for our Information and Support Services and enable us to communicate the latest treatments and best practice more frequently and more effectively to a larger group of people, e.g. through blogging and regular articles in our monthly ebulletin.
  3. Help us foster and deepen relationships with an informal network of migraine professionals across the NHS.
  4. Lead on the development of a new headache and migraine module for trainee nurses and GPs so we can play a bigger part in supporting the development of the next generation of the headache professional workforce.

Funding the role

We are currently trying to raise the funds for a permanent nurse specialist from a range of sources including trusts and foundations. We are also seeking help from our migraine community, people affected by migraine who understand the importance of helping people with migraine by giving them clear and evidence-based information about their condition.

We would be really grateful if you could support our campaign to hire a permanent specialist nurse. You can donate here.

You can read an interview with our temporary nurse specialist Ria Bhola about the brilliant work she does here.

Thank you for any help that you can give.