Leave a gift in your Will

After taking care of your loved ones, please consider leaving a gift to The Migraine Trust in your Will

The Migraine Trust is completely reliant on the generosity of people like you – to enable us to keep doing what we’re really proud of doing: helping people affected by migraine to live better lives and helping to find a cure for this complex, painful, debilitating and exhausting brain disease.

By leaving a gift in your Will you will be helping The Migraine Trust bring a cure for migraine one step closer.

About gifts in Wills

A gift in your Will could be one of the most important contributions you can make to a cause that you care about. Gifts in Wills currently account for around 50% of The Migraine Trust’s annual income. There are three main types of gifts in Wills that we receive.

  1. Residuary gifts – the total or a share of an estate after all other payments have been made
  2. Pecuniary gifts – a fixed sum of money
  3. Specific gifts – a particular named item left as a gift

To request a copy of our Gifts in Wills guide please complete this form.

Why leave gift in Will

Migraine is a complex, painful, debilitating and exhausting brain disease that affects an estimated 10 million people aged 15-69 in the UK, ruins hundreds of thousands of lives every year, and robs far too many young people of the chance of a great life.

The Migraine Trust is the largest research and support charity for people affected by migraine in the UK. Our role is to fund and promote new research into migraine, provide day-to-day support for people affected, and campaign for change. By leaving a gift in your Will you will be helping The Migraine Trust bring a cure for migraine one step closer.

Writing your Will

If you are considering writing your Will, we recommend that you use a qualified solicitor or Will writer.

We have partnered with Farewill to offer our supporters an online Will free of charge (RRP from £90.00). It is a quick and simple process that can take as little as 15 minutes.

Most people who use our free Will service will choose to include a gift to The Migraine Trust, to help us to continue to transform the lives of people affected by migraine. But please note there is no obligation to do so.

To write your free Will online please visit Farewill and enter the voucher code TMT-online at the check-out.

Alternatively, you can find your local solicitor or Will writer by visiting the Remember a Charity website.

How to leave a gift in your Will to The Migraine Trust

To leave a gift in your Will to The Migraine Trust, you just need to give your professional adviser our charity name, postal address and registered charity number along with details of the type of gift you would like to leave.

Our details are:

The Migraine Trust
4th Floor
Mitre House
44-46 Fleet Street

Registered charity in England and Wales (1081300) and Scotland (SC042911)

The Remember A Charity website provides further information on writing a Will including why a Will is so important, factors you should consider, steps to take and an explanation of terms you might come across. You can find more information here.

Gifts in Wills and Tax

Inheritance Tax is a tax on the estate of someone who has died. The standard Inheritance Tax rate is 40% and is only charged on the part of your estate that is above the £325,000 threshold.

Gifts in Wills to charities, like The Migraine Trust, are tax free and can reduce the amount of tax your estate has to pay. If you leave at least 10% of your net estate to charity, your estate may qualify to pay Inheritance Tax at a reduced rate of 36%.

Please visit Gov.UK for more information.

We are here to help

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