Meet-up Gallery

Migraine Meet-up pictures and stories

Deborah’s Meet-up

Deborah Sloan, from Brighton, held a Migraine Meet-up.

“As my guests arrived I joked that they didn’t actually have to ‘talk migraine’ but it was heartening to find that everyone was willing to share their migraine story either as a sufferer or as a friend or relative of someone who lives with the condition.

“As the tea flowed, so too did questions about how best to support a migraine sufferer, the sharing of coping strategies and tips on how to find out about the latest treatment developments and breakthroughs.

“Of course, as with any social occasion, the conversation weaved its way around many topics and anecdotes… and there was lots of laughter.

“What I realise is that the Meet-up offered a really special opportunity to openly and honestly share the experience of migraine, to create something enjoyable and positive out of migraine and, importantly for me, to have a way of thanking those people in my life who really ‘get it’ and support me unconditionally.

A huge thank you to Simona De Michelis, a friend of Deborah’s who also gets migraine and who is a professional photographer, who took some wonderful pictures of the meet-up.



Emma’s Meet-up

Emma Pattinson, from Edinburgh, held a Migraine Meet-up.

“My meet up was a really lovely chance to catch up with some of my best friends, and to prepare for it I made fruit salad, bought some cupcakes and had different teas, decaf coffee, sparkling water etc.

“I used it as an opportunity to thank these great women for all the support they have given me over the years! I gave a (very brief) speech followed by little gift and a card each about what their friendship has meant to me through being ill. I was so glad to have the opportunity to do this in a little group.

“They then demanded a quiz so we went through the one on The Migraine Trust’s website in teams. This started a chat about migraine and they asked a few questions about how it affects me, and also if there were other things they could do to help which I was touched by.

“All in all it was a great success and I would encourage others to hold a meet up and make it meaningful in whatever way suits them.”