Migraine Awareness Week

Each September we use this week to raise general awareness of migraine as a serious public health issue and to reduce stigma

While there is an increasing awareness of migraine and understanding of what it is, not many would disagree that we are no where near the level of awareness and understanding that we need to reach. And we do need to reach it because lack of awareness and understanding of migraine seriously impacts our lives, with too many people not fully realising what it is like to live with this condition.

That’s why it is so crucial for us to maximize the opportunity that Migraine Awareness Week gives us. Running from 6-12 September in 2020, it is a moment in the year when everyone affected by migraine and everyone working to help those affected work together to raise the profile of migraine as a complex neurological condition and dispel any ideas that it is ‘just a headache’.

Migraine Awareness Week 2020

Civil Service

We will be working with the Civil Service for a second year on raising awareness of migraine and managing it at work amongst their staff, and increasing this understanding amongst their HR teams. This will include running a workshop on managing migraine in the workplace and migraine awareness posters being displayed in Civil Service buildings and shared on their digital channels.

We have also recently joined a Civil Service group to look at the impact of the coronavirus on disability inclusion in the workplace.

You can find out about our work with the Civil Service for last year’s Migraine Awareness Week here.


We are encouraging people to tell their friends and family about our #GiveUpForMigraine campaign and to ask them to make a pledge during Migraine Awareness Week. The campaign is a way for friends and family of people with migraine to show their support for them and raise funds for the migraine community.

You can find out more about the campaign here.