Summer appeal

With your support The Migraine Trust will be able to help the thousands of people that need it

We have all been impacted by the global pandemic. The Migraine Trust wanted to learn more about how people are feeling and make sure we’re doing everything we can to support them at this difficult time. To get a better understanding, we surveyed over 2,000 people in the UK affected by migraine.

The results of the survey were shocking.

  • 41% of people noted their migraines are more frequent
  • 20% of people feel more severe migraine symptoms
  • 29% of people said their treatment or appointments with migraine or headache specialists had been cancelled, with an additional
  • 8% of people unable to access medication or appointments at all
  • 46% of people said their migraine was worse because they’re experiencing more stress

With many people’s migraine worsening at a time when migraine care is altered and limited, The Migraine Trust’s work is more vital than ever. Healthcare issues aside, the many stresses and issues we’ve been dealing with throughout the pandemic will have made life so difficult for thousands across the UK. Not to mention that people’s migraine may have actually worsened by the time treatment and healthcare are ready to resume and become more accessible.

We’ve already helped thousands of people when treatment was more readily available, and are ready to support everyone who has struggled over the last few months.

Anything you can give would make a huge difference. Thank you very much in advance for helping people with migraine to live better, happier lives and for being a migraine hero.

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