Volunteer Forum

A group of committed volunteers, giving their time and skills to support our charitable work

November 2020: We are currently reviewing our Volunteer Forum and are not currently taking new applications. If you are interested in joining the forum please keep an eye on this page for future updates. 

The Volunteer Forum works with our staff and trustees, and is a crucial part of the charity.

Members of the forum volunteer their time and skills, acting as a resource pool and critical friend to The Migraine Trust by keeping the charity informed of the views and needs of people affected by migraine.

The Volunteer Forum is open to anyone with migraine or a carer of someone with migraine.

What does membership of the Volunteer Forum involve?

Some of the members of the forum meeting with Helen Balami, who runs our Advocacy Service

Members of the forum:

  • Inform The Migraine Trust of their needs as someone affected by migraine and the challenges they experience
  • Provide input, views and opinions to support The Migraine Trust’s work
  • Provide local and regional information to help The Migraine Trust assess local need


This activity takes place via online communications between staff and forum members, as well as through forum meetings and other local/regional meetings. It can involve scrutinising and reviewing publications, and responding to consultations.


The Volunteer Forum meets several times a year in The Migraine Trust office in London. Meetings take place on a Saturday and are facilitated by The Migraine Trust staff. Out of pocket travel expenses can be reimbursed.

Get in contact

If you are interested in finding out more about our Volunteer Forum, you can call us on 0203 9510 150 or send us a message.

"Volunteering for The Migraine Trust has been a fun and enriching experience for me. I was able to meet new people, exchange experiences and feel a bit less alone with my illness. I feel like I could help make a difference to other people's lives by supporting The Migraine Trust. As members of the forum we help The Migraine Trust reach decisions on new campaigns, how to best reach out to people and find out where their support is most needed. With only a handful of meetings per year the time effort is absolutely manageable. Plus, everyone is always friendly and welcoming." Maria, member of the Volunteer Forum