9th November 2016

Greater support in school needed for young migraineurs

Join us in supporting the Safe in School campaign

Safe in school campaign logoBy law, every school in England should have a medical conditions policy in place so that they can care for children with medical conditions such as migraine. Awareness of this requirement is poor, however, meaning there is huge variation in the support young people receive from schools across the country. Our Advocacy Service regularly hears from concerned parents about the lack of support for young people with migraine.

More than two million children with long-term medical conditions such as migraine, asthma, epilepsy, ME and Type 1 diabetes may not be getting the care they need in school. Last year the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance (HCSA), of which The Migraine Trust is a member, asked schools whether they had a medical conditions policy in place, but surprisingly over 78% could not show that they had such a policy.

A petition has been set up by Louise, a concerned parent, asking school inspector Ofsted to check that schools have all the plans in place to keep children with medical conditions safe. The petition also asks government ministers to do more to make schools aware that they need to have these plans.

The Migraine Trust, along with other members of the HCSA, is backing Louise’s petition as part of the HCSA’s Safe in School campaign. Please sign and share the petition to bring this matter to the attention of the Minister of State for Children and Families, Edward Timpson MP, and Ofsted. You can join the conversation on social media using #safeinschool.


Boys playing footballMigraine in school

The Migraine Trust offers information and guidance to help parents, carers and schools to support young migraine sufferers in school football. If you are concerned about the support that you or your child is receiving regarding their migraine in school, please see our help in school information or you can contact our Advocacy Service.

Akeem’s story

Seven year old Akeem has chronic migraine. His mother asked his school for extra support, but was told that healthcare plans were only for children with “serious” health conditions. Akeem’s mother went back to the head teacher with information from The Migraine Trust’s website and the Department for Education’s statutory guidance. Akeem’s school has now prepared a healthcare plan outlining the ongoing support he will receive in school, including access to a quiet place to rest and medication when he has an attack.

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