13th December 2017

What helps people to manage migraine in the workplace?

Share your good practice examples

At the beginning of the year we asked for your help in understanding how migraine affected your working life.

We also held a meeting in Parliament to discuss how we help can change perceptions of living with migraine in the workplace and what role employers have in supporting people with migraine at work.

The Work Foundation, presented work on what ‘good work for all’ means, including those living with long term health conditions such as migraine. They are now investigating the issues around managing migraine and its effect on people as individuals and the impact on wider society.

Sadly, we at The Migraine Trust hear too often of cases where people with migraine are being unfairly discriminated at work. Our advocacy service provides advice and support for people, empowering them to take control of decisions that affect them and make them aware of their rights at work.

Now we want to hear from those of you, who have had positive experiences of work and managing your migraine. We also want to hear from employers, managers, occupational health professionals, how have you supported people living with migraine? We are working with the Work Foundation to try and find examples of when employers have been supportive of people living with migraine. We can learn more about how best to support people living with migraine.

The Work Foundation will present their findings, which will make recommendations that we will be able to use at the national and local level to help make sure that people with migraine have their condition understood and supported at work.

If you would like to share your positive experience, please write no more than 200 words using the following questions to guide you.

Please email your experiences to policy@migrainetrust.org

• What sector do you work in?
• What steps did you take to have your needs supported?
• How did your employer support you?
• As an employer or manager how have you helped support employees with migraine?
• What has made the biggest difference to you in managing migraine and work?
Please note that we will be sharing your experiences with the Work Foundation, once the information has been anonymised and your personal and identifiable information will NOT be shared with any third parties.

Please note we are unable to respond to every story submitted and, as we work in the UK, we can only use stories from people living in the UK.