How our services help people

Our Information and Advocacy Services

We have two support services. Our Information Service which gives information about migraine and its treatment, as well as living with and the emotional impact of migraine. Our advocacy service helps people with manage migraine at work, in education, and accessing migraine healthcare.

No enquiry is ever the same. They are as complex and varied as migraine and the impact that it has on our lives.

While we can’t cure migraine through the service, we aim to help people live better with it so that that their condition is treated as effectively as possible and that the impact on their lives is reduced.

Helen Balami, who runs our Advocacy Service

How our services help people

There are some of the ways that we have helped people through our service.

“I have used their Advocacy Service several times knowing that my queries will be dealt with by people who know, who are professional and who care. Today I feel it is a constant; it's there like a friend. I know I can contact them and this is worth so much to me because migraine for me is still a scary place. The Migraine Trust and its services makes it less so.” Catherine Latimer
"I contacted The Migraine Trust when I was suffering from severe hemiplegic migraine and I felt that there was very little support available, particularly from people who understood how I was feeling. I got through to Gemma who was helpful, knowledgeable and reassuring. I am very grateful that there is a support service like this offered by The Migraine Trust and would recommend that anyone in a similar situation reach out to them for help." Sara Williams
"The Migraine Trust for me has not only been an amazing source of information, but have also provided me with invaluable advice. I recently wrote asking for possible reasons why my aura have increased, and received a rapid, detailed and incredibly helpful response, with actions I could take straight away. This hugely alleviated my anxiety, and I am deeply grateful! A fantastic service that I cannot do without - thank you!" Louise Law
“I have been a migraine sufferer since my early teens. I quickly became used to the fact that few people understood the sheer misery of an attack. You've perhaps had the same response from friends, family or colleagues – ‘It's a headache. Get over it’. So, finding The Migraine Trust has been wonderful. At last, I have found people who not only care but understand and can offer support and advice. The sense of relief at knowing I am not alone, that others appreciate the problems faced by migraine suffers is incredible. A heartfelt thank you to all at The Migraine Trust.” Chris Simpson
“I contacted The Migraine Trust as I had a migraine that had dragged on for approximately four weeks! Aura only on the first day but the headache, neck pain and nausea carried on. I was extremely worried and my GP just prescribed co-codamol which didn’t help much. Within a couple of hours Gemma emailed me back and after I told her my symptoms she emailed me again and said co-codamol should not be prescribed for migraine and gave me some great information concerning the neck and migraine which I didn’t know and she also gave me some simple exercises which helped almost immediately!! I am continuing with the exercises and I would sincerely recommend The Migraine Trust to anyone suffering the horrible symptoms. Thank you so much Gemma.” Steve Dennis