13th March 2017

Our staff attend ‘Interactive Headache Clinic’ event

Find out more about our advocacy work at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Staff from The Migraine Trust attended an Interactive Headache Clinic held at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) on Saturday 3rd March 2017.  The day was organised by Dr Prab Prabhakar, consultant paediatric neurologist, nurses Jo Mortimer and Zoe Morgan, and psychologist Dr Hayley Bullock. Presentations and discussions around how GOSH can help young people, problems coping in the community and the dearth of suitable local services took place.  Our Advocacy Officer, Helen Dada, gave a short talk about the Advocacy Service, equality legislation and young peoples’ rights.

Great Ormond Street Hospital display

The morning session was for parents of children of 12 and under, and the afternoon session focused on families of over 12s with migraine including young people applying to university.

The Migraine Trust provided an information stall for parents and young people, and promoted the Trust’s Advocacy Service for children and young people with migraine who are experiencing problems at school and in education because of their health condition.  Staff were busy with a number of discussions and enquiries and families left with printed materials from The Migraine Trust.

Is your child struggling with migraine?

We have written a guide for parents and carers to help them support young sufferers, and we have information for children and young people to read too.

If your child is having issues at school because of their migraine then our Advocacy Service may be able to help.

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