Joanne explains the impact of migraine

Joanne Shaw is struggling with migraine but knows that she is not alone, that many are going through the same thing

“I often wonder, ‘why me, migraine?’ – More like hell.

“Slurred speech, confusing words – That’s depressing.

“Obvious tremors? – Embarrassing!

“But being unable to walk is the worst. Any step forward and you feel like you’re either going to float away or fall over.

“I had suffered simple migraines since I was in my late teens. Maxalt seemed to work, until a few years ago. I’ve had four different preventive medications, and nothing has worked. I had a specialist come from the other end of Britain, but his advice fell on deaf ears to NHS Scotland.

“I have not held a proper job in about a year. I’m fighting the depression and anxiety that comes with chronic migraines. I’m scared for my future in honesty. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

“I stumbled upon The Migraine Trust a few months ago, and now, I don’t feel so lonely. I know that there’s others out there going through the exact same as me. With their help, hopefully I can beat these migraines, or at least learn to live with them better. I miss working. I miss having a life.

“To those suffering too, we’ll get there, it’s a long, arduous road, but we’ll get there.”