Kate's story

“Although I was referred to a neurologist, I was never referred to a migraine specialist”

Kate Wainwright

I started suffering from debilitating headaches 17 years ago after the birth of my second child and had a number of symptoms which included a severe boring pain in both my eyes, facial flushing and redness, tingling and numbness in my arms, pain in my sinuses, a runny nose and sensitivity to light and smells.

The doctor told me it was stress and hormone changes and put me on anti-depressants but the symptoms continued to get worse and over several years I felt like I was a guinea pig trying every tablet under the sun for headaches including anti epilepsy medication, blood pressure tablets and triptan injections.

All these have slightly worked in their own way to some extent for a short while but my headaches have always crept back in. I was even diagnosed with cluster headaches by one doctor and tried oxygen therapy which seemed to have some effect.

Like many of us who live with migraine, I have suffered anxiety and depression with the pain and it has affected my family life and caused me to cut down my hours at work as a teacher as I couldn’t cope. During these 17 years however, although I was referred to a neurologist, I was never referred to a migraine specialist until last year at my local hospital.


The results have totally changed my life!!!!!!!!!.

The migraine nurse asked if I had ever tried taking vitamins and minerals as research has shown they often help migraine sufferers. I began to take magnesium citrate (400mg), vitamin B2 (400mg), and Co Enzyme Q10 (300mg), and the results were almost instant.

My headaches lifted immediately and over a few weeks I was able to cut down my medication by more than half. I have been on the tablets for nearly a year now and after having migraine every other day, I now get one perhaps once every five weeks.

I still take my regular medication (topiramate and propanolol) but these have been dramatically reduced. The only drawback to the magnesium tablets is that they can give you diarrhoea which has been a slight problem (but better than the headaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I am using charcoal tablets to help stem this).

I feel the best I have felt in years. I am no longer waking up with a chronic headache and feeling so desperately poorly, and can cope so much better with life.

I wondered if anyone else had tried the same thing? I would love to get in touch if you have. You are welcome to get my details from The Migraine Trust.

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