20th February 2020

Launching our new Migraine Trust Ambassador Programme

We would like to find two more people to be ambassadors this year

We are very pleased to announce that we are formally launching our new ambassador programme at The Migraine Trust this week.

We’re a small charity with 10 permanent staff and a Board of nine people. While we do our best to ensure that together we represent a good cross-section of the UK migraine community and have a full range of expertise needed to run our charity well, inevitably there are gaps.

We hope our new ambassador programme will help us fill more of these gaps.

Where do we think we have gaps in representation and expertise?

At the moment we have no GP, pharmacist or nurse specialist representation on our Board.  We are also missing representation from the Scottish, Northern Ireland and Welsh health systems.

While we have a number of people affected by migraine on our Board, we want to have more representation from communities we’re not reaching as effectively as we would like.  We talk about this in detail in our forthcoming five-year strategy but they include younger people; people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities; and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

We also try to ensure that we have a full range of expertise across our team to run our charity exceptionally well. But we would particularly like more professional expertise in fundraising, marketing, communications and policy development and campaigning.

We are also aware that many people who leave our Board or staff team are keen to continue to play a supportive role in our organisation’s future. We want to keep hold of good friends with expertise, passion and understanding of our charity and migraine.

Finally, there are people who would like to do significantly more to support our work – in particular to promote our charity, help us raise more money, or to raise awareness and understanding about migraine in different communities and settings. At the moment we aren’t able to formally recognise them for their efforts, and there is more we could do to support them in this role.

For all these reasons we are formally launching our new ambassador programme.

We announced in November that we had asked Jenny Mills, our former Treasurer, and Ann Harrison, a former trustee at Migraine Action, to be our first two ambassadors.

We’re very pleased to announce today that Ian Watmore, our former chair, will be our third charity ambassador. Ian brings with him a wealth of expertise and a fantastic understanding of how national policy is made.

Starting in his new role with the charity, Ian says:

“I’ve had migraine for most of my adult life and I’m keen to continue to support this wonderful charity as it goes from strength to strength over the next few years. The Migraine Trust’s forthcoming five-year strategy is a bold and exciting plan to reach more people, help more people, and improve more people’s lives. I’m delighted to have been asked to help deliver it.”

Do you want to be one of our new charity ambassadors?

We would ideally like to find two more people to be ambassadors this year, and then increase the number to around 12 people over the course of our five-year strategy.

So we need your help!

We are keen to talk to people who feel they meet one or more of the criteria we’ve outlined above.

Each ambassador role will be different, depending on the ‘gap’ you are helping us to fill. But our Board would like to seek feedback and insights from all our ambassadors on a regular basis. We would also ask that you undertake a small amount of external communications activity to promote your role and activities – e.g. writing a blog, appearing in our Migraine News publication, and talking positively about our charity and migraine on social media.

Ambassadors would be free to use their title in going about their role. And, naturally, we would pay all reasonable expenses.

If you’re interested, our chief executive, Gus Baldwin, would love to have an informal chat.  You can contact him at ABaldwin@migrainetrust.org