23rd August 2017


Get involved this Migraine Awareness Week 3-9 September

This Migraine Awareness Week (3-9 September), you are invited to share what you most want people to know about migraine, whatever your connection with this condition.

We know from dealing directly with thousands of sufferers that many people feel Migraine Awareness Week is the one time of the year they can talk openly about migraine and its impact. We have devised a simple social media campaign #letsbeatmigraine for people to get involved in, with the aim of raising the profile of migraine and that of The Migraine Trust.

#letsbeatmigraine Migraine doesn't have to ruin lives

How to get involved

  1. Download and print our poster below.
  2. Write on it what you most want people to know about migraine, to continue the sentence that starts “I want people to know that migraine…”.
  3. Write what your connection to migraine is at the bottom, e.g. sufferer/patient, parent or carer, friend of a sufferer, charity supporter, researcher, campaigner, doctor, etc.
  4. Take a photo of yourself holding up your poster or even a video saying why you’ve written what you have.
  5. Post your photo (or video) to either:
    • Twitter: including the #letsbeatmigraine and #migraineawarenessweek hashtags and @MigraineTrust in your post.
    • The Migraine Trust Facebook page (as a post to our page), including the hashtags mentioned above. If you also share it as a post to your friends, tag The Migraine Trust and remember the hashtags.
#letsbeatmigraine Migraine will be beaten
Arlene Wilkie, chief executive at The Migraine Trust

Migraine Awareness Week 3-9 Sept For the 1 in 7 people who have migraine | The Migraine Trust

What do I write?

For inspiration, check out our facts and figures about migraine. You might finish the sentence “I want people to know that migraine…” with:

  • makes me feel anxious
  • steals precious time with my children
  • symptoms are often invisible
  • affects 1 in 7 people
  • is not a fake excuse for a sickie
  • makes studying for my degree so much more challenging.

What if I don’t have access to a printer?

If you are not able to print our poster, you can simply write your sentence out in your Twitter/Facebook post, e.g. “I want people to know that migraine [your text]” or record a video. Remember to include the hashtags and to tag The Migraine Trust if you have the space. To give your post a higher profile, you can use our Migraine Awareness Week graphic, which is available to download above.

What if I prefer not to be in the photo?

You can hold the poster up in front of your face, or if you prefer, just take a photo of the poster.

#Letsbeatmigraine social media campaign example Migraine Awareness Week The Migraine Trust