Lewis's story


“Hi Migraine Trust story readers!

“I’m Lewis and I’m 21 years old. I have suffered with migraine for the last five years. I was originally diagnosed with ‘Migraine with Aura’ which has since been changed and I have been diagnosed with ‘Chronic Migraine’.

“Luckily, I am currently on medication which so far has controlled the frequency of my migraine so I now rarely get severe migraine attacks.

“However, I do still get mediocre pain migraine around two times a week.

“But it hasn’t all been as positive as it is today.

“For the last five years, I have suffered with around three to five headache and migraine attacks a week. Some lasting just minutes, but others lasting hours going into days!

“I have attended countless doctor appointments (over the phone and in person), numerous neurology appointments at Mount Vernon and Charing Cross Hospital in London.

“To this date, I have had four MRI scans and two lumbar punctures to check the Cerebral Spinal Fluid in my spine / brain.

“A lot of the time, I felt like the appointments were useless, because although I could describe how I felt, the medical practitioner in front of me could never really, feel what I felt and therefore would find it hard to know what is best for me.

“I started with very low doses of medicine, which didn’t work and slowly moved up doses to what I am on today. I’ve had around seven different types of medicine and I am currently on Candesartan (to reduce the frequency of my migraine), Amitriptyline (to also help reduce the frequency), Zolmtriptan (which I take to attempt to stop a migraine at the start of one, and also Diclofenac which I take to manage the pain when over the counter drugs don’t do the trick.

“I must say that, for the first time ever, the medicine I currently take works a treat and I hope they continue to do so!

“So, for the readers who are reading this for help, insight or even for research – know that at the start, not everything is going to work. It takes time to find the medication that is right for your type of migraine. Just try to keep positive, that’s the best thing to do!

“Also, for the readers who haven’t yet had an MRI scan or a lumbar puncture, but might have to have one – know that they’re so quickly done! The lumbar puncture doesn’t last too long and is usually pain free.

“If anyone would like to reach out to chat about migraine, or to get some advice. Feel free, I am on Twitter at twitter.com/lewis_emilio”


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Thank you

The Migraine Trust would like to thank Lewis for not only sharing his story, but for organising a number of fundraising initiatives to raise money to support our work. Lewis has a JustGiving online fundraising page if you’d like to sponsor him.