Lewis's story

LewisMy name is Lewis, I’m 19 years old and I suffer with migraine.

Around 17 months ago, I awoke from an average sleep with an excruciating pain down the ride side of my forehead and side of my head. Since then, I have suffered with multiple migraine attacks per week. I’ve been formally diagnosed with migraine with aura. Although this is now currently being investigated with a different type of migraine as it’s gotten severely worse.

I’ve been to at least 30 GP appointments and countless neurologists with my migraines and sadly have had no hope of getting them under control. I’m currently on two types on migraine tablets, which are rizatriptan and pizotifen, as well as different pain killers.

Around two months ago, my migraine attacks worsened. My vision in my right eye goes, and my right side of my body feels weak and has severe pins and needles. My migraines cripple me, I curl up in a ball most nights in such severe pain I’m crying. My medications only work if I catch it at the beginning, but this isn’t always an option.

I feel that ‘migraine’ is linked with having a headache too much, it certainly isn’t that. It’s far worse. I wish people would understand this.

I recently attended another appointment at the doctors, and I’ve been referred back to my neurologist, as they have gotten worse. I think the most frightening thing is, my speech and my face goes all funny when my migraine comes on. Hopefully soon, something will help.

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Thank you

The Migraine Trust would like to thank Lewis for not only sharing his story, but for organising a number of fundraising initiatives to raise money to support our work. Lewis has a JustGiving online fundraising page if you’d like to sponsor him.