Accessing welfare benefits

General information regarding migraine and welfare benefit rights

Information to help you

We have worked with Disability Rights UK to produce our ‘Migraine: Help with welfare benefits rights’ fact sheet. This fact sheet provides information and guidance on welfare benefits that you are entitled to as a result of migraine.

This covers frequently asked questions such as:

  • I get migraine: am I entitled to claim welfare benefits?
  • What benefits are available if I am unemployed?
  • I have been dismissed by employer due to my migraine, can I apply for benefit?
  • What about being self employed and getting migraine?

The Migraine Trust doesn’t have a welfare benefits advisory and can’t help you make a benefits claim. The fact sheet contains a list of helpful places for you to approach.

The information in this document is not a substitute for individual, detailed advice as to an individual’s particular rights and circumstances from medical or legal professionals.

Additional supporting information

We recommend that you read the fact sheet alongside the document below:

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