Help accessing healthcare

Supporting your journey through the NHS

Migraine is widely underdiagnosed and under treated in both children and adults. However it can be greatly improved by correct management and support following diagnosis.

Doctor and patient

Asking for support

If you seek medical advice for your condition it is most likely that you will be seen by a GP in the first instance. It may be appropriate for you to be referred to a headache specialist for further investigation and treatment. There is more information in the seeking medical advice section of our website.

Accessing treatments

There are a number of treatment options for migraine sufferers including a large range of prophylactic and acute drugs.

The Migraine Trust supports the use of clinical treatments with a good quality evidence base that are recommended by a suitably qualified health professional for the treatment of migraine. You can read our full position statement here.

Occasionally a consultant may recommend a migraine treatment that is not routinely available on the NHS. Our easy to use accessing treatments flow chart guides you through your options if you are considering such a treatment.

Applying for individual funding

We have produced the following information and resources to help you and your consultant if you are applying, or considering applying, for individual funding for a treatment that is not routinely offered on the NHS.  Our Advocacy Service can provide you with more information and to discuss the options available to you.  Get in touch via the contact us form.

If you and your consultant are submitting an individual funding request or appealing a decision you can download and share our letter of support.

The following template letters may be of use if you are appealing a funding decision.