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Guidance to help you manage migraine at work

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Our Employment Advocacy Toolkit provides information about migraine in the workplace, your rights, and tools and guidance to help if difficulties arise. The toolkit has template letters and forms to help you when challenges arise at work.

We want to empower you to be able to manage your migraine condition at work and retain your job where possible.

ElectricianReasonable adjustments

Are you having problems communicating with your line manager to get the appropriate support that will make it easier for you to do your job? Why not download our reasonable adjustments template to help you start the conversation with your employer.


What rights do people with migraine have at work?

If you are classified as disabled, the law says that your employer is not allowed to discriminate against you because you suffer from migraine. In addition your employer has a duty to make “reasonable adjustments” to make sure you are not disadvantaged due to your migraine attacks. This could include allowing you reasonable time off for medical appointments or allowing you to sit in a dark room if you feel an attack coming on. You can also be protected from discrimination even if you are not technically classified as “disabled” but someone (such as your employer) perceives that you are disabled due to the severity or frequency of your migraine attacks. For more information please access our Employment Advocacy Toolkit above.

"I recently called upon The Migraine Trust to help me with workplace issues and I was blown away by the help that was on offer and how many levels of stress it has taken off me from having that backup to stand tall with my migraine." Zoe