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Help at work toolkit - Guidance to help you manage migraine at work

"I recently called upon The Migraine Trust to help me with workplace issues and I was blown away by the help that was on offer and how many levels of stress it has taken off me from having that backup to stand tall with my migraine." Zoe

Information to help you

We want to empower you to manage your migraine at work and retain your job where possible. Our ‘Migraine: Help at work’ toolkit provides you with information about migraine in the workplace, your rights and guidance to help you if difficulties arise.

This toolkit provides general information for people with migraine, their colleagues, managers, trade unions, human resources departments and occupational health professionals about ways to manage migraine in the workplace. The Help at work toolkit also offers tools and guidance on matters an individual may wish to raise in the workplace either on their own behalf or on behalf of a person with migraine.

Help at work toolkit

This Help at work toolkit covers frequently asked questions such as:

  • Is migraine a disability? What rights do I have at work?
  • What to do when problems occur?
  • When should I tell my employer about my migraine?
  • Can my employer dismiss me due to my migraine?

The information in this document is not a substitute for individual, detailed advice as to an individual’s particular rights and circumstances from medical or legal professionals.

Additional supporting information

We recommend that you read the Help at work toolkit alongside the documents below:

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