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Information to support young migraine sufferers in school

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Migraine can have a significant impact on a child’s attendance and performance in school. Chronic migraine attacks can disrupt a child’s ability to go to school. A child should not have to miss out on school due to their migraine; The Migraine Trust has produced guidance for parents and carers to enable them get support for a child whose migraine is impacting on their education. Our Help in school document provides information on how to manage migraine in school, schools’ statutory responsibilities including forms and template letters to help you advocate for yourself or your child. This document is useful for teachers, schools and health professionals when supporting children with migraine.

Individual healthcare plan

An individual healthcare plan is an agreement between a parent/carer, a child’s school and health professionals that identifies specific medical needs and the support a child requires while under school supervision. This document should be shared amongst key members of staff, parents/carers and the child’s health professionals. If you are trying to get the appropriate support put in place for your child in school, you may wish to download our individual healthcare plan template to help you.

Supporting children with medical needs in school

Schools are required to formulate a medical conditions policy that outlines support for children with medical conditions: the procedures for getting the right support; collaborative working with stakeholders, parents/carers, health professionals and pupils; and staff training and responsibilities to ensure that the policy is being implemented. A medical conditions policy also sets out procedures for managing medications that need to be taken during school, trips or outings, and set out responsibilities of staff supervising the administration of medicines.

If your child requires prescription or non-prescription medication in school to manage their migraine it is important for parents/carers to submit their consent in writing. Your consent letter will enable the school to support your child when they have an attack and help reduce the effect it may have, enabling your child to return to the classroom. A template letter of consent is available to download below. More information on formulating a medical conditions policy is available at

We have produced an easy guide to the medical conditions policy to help you ascertain if the right policy is in place in your school. You can download this tool below.

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