Help in school

Information to help children and young people with migraine in school

Information to help you

Migraine can have a significant impact on a child’s attendance and performance in school. Chronic migraine attacks can disrupt a child’s ability to go to school. A child should not have to miss out on school due to their migraine.

The Migraine Trust has produced a toolkit: ‘Migraine: Help in school’ for parents and carers to enable them to get support for a child whose migraine is impacting on their education. Our toolkit provides information on how to manage migraine in school and a schools’ statutory responsibilities, including forms and template letters to help parents or carers advocate for their child. The toolkit is useful for teachers, schools and health professionals when supporting children with migraine.

Additional supporting information

We recommend that you read the toolkit alongside the documents below:

  • Consent for the administration of prescribed medication template
  • Consent for the administration of non-prescribed medication template
  • Schools policy easy guide
  • The Migraine Trust letter of support

The information in this toolkit and supporting information is not a substitute for individual, detailed advice as to an individual’s particular rights and circumstances from medical or legal professionals.

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