Information Service

For questions about migraine and its management

Computer mouse ©iStock.com_Huchen LuOur Information Service responds to enquiries about migraine, other disabling headaches and their management. The information we provide utilises the best available research evidence as well as the clinical experience of leading neurologists.

Please appreciate that we are unable to provide individual medical advice or diagnosis.  This can only safely be provided by a person’s own health professionals who are in a position to take responsibility for their patients’ health care.

Whilst every effort is made to source information from authoritative sources, it has to be remembered that information will by definition be general.  Information from The Migraine Trust cannot substitute for an appointment with your doctor or nurse.  Your health professionals are the people who can give you personal advice about your specific health condition.

To contact the Information Service call 0203 9510 150 or send a message here.

Please note we are experiencing problems with our telephone lines cutting out following our recent office move. The problem is outside of our control, but is being worked on by a telecoms company. Please bear with us while they resolve the problem and our apologies for any inconvenience it may cause. In the meantime, we recommend sending a message via our contact form to make an enquiry.

Please note: Our Support Services are currently working at reduced capacity. We are still replying to enquiries but anticipate delays. We apologise if there is a delay in the response to your enquiry.

"Thanks to The Migraine Trust’s website and helpful staff, I have been able to educate myself a great deal on all things migraine and improve my knowledge of how to not only help my migraines, but also prevent them." Steve