Can I drive with migraine?

A frequently asked question

Am I legally allowed to drive with migraine?

This is an enquiry often received at The Migraine Trust, so we put the question to an expert.


Answer provided by David Cubitt, a Trustee of The Migraine Trust and Partner of Osborne Clarke:

There are two issues to consider here. First, can you drive if you are someone who gets migraine? Secondly, is this something that you have to notify to the DVLA?

Being someone who gets migraine does not on its own prevent you from driving. The condition does not create any safety concerns, unless you drive during a migraine attack or whilst taking medications that affect your ability to drive safely.

The symptoms of migraine can cause complete impairment. Some people experience visual disturbances, dizziness and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms could make you vulnerable to driving errors and place you and others at risk of accidents and injury. If you do experience an attack whilst driving you should stop your car and immediately treat your migraine. You should not resume driving until the attack is over and you are sure that your medications will not interfere with your ability to drive.

You must notify the DVLA (in writing) if you think that your migraine attacks are likely to be a source of danger to the public. If you have notified the DVLA and your migraine attacks become worse than previously disclosed to the DVLA you should contact them again.