Liz’s story

I started having common migraine when I was in my late teens

Liz Prince-Harding

I experience both the main kinds of migraine – classic (with aura) and common (without aura). I have been told by a doctor that they are the same, but I know for certain that they are not, and I think that this misconception within the medical profession should be cleared up.

The symptoms are different, and I know for certain which one I am experiencing at any one time. The treatment for one type does not work for the other type – for classic migraines I need anti-nauseant medication taken soon after onset, and a strong conventional painkiller such as Solpadeine. For common migraine, I take triptans, and they are very effective.

I first started having classic migraines (with aura) when I was a child, and it was very hard because I didn’t get taken to the doctor so got no treatment until I was an adult and took myself to the doctor. I didn’t cope very well with it, especially as they made me very sick – but it’s much easier these days as I can take medication, but I don’t often get them these days thank goodness.

I started having common migraine when I was in my late teens, and it took some years to get effective treatment in the form of triptan medication. Common migraines aren’t quite as devastating as a classic one, but they last much longer. I tend to get them when I eat or drink something I shouldn’t, particularly alcohol unfortunately! I get these migraines much more frequently, but because I can take medication I can usually carry on with life.

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