Lorraine's story

I was around nine when I got my first migraine

I hope my story can be of help to anyone our there suffering from migraine of any type.

I was around nine when I got my first migraine, it was a stomach migraine, so I actually threw up. I remember being put to bed, with Lucozade, thinking it was just a headache from the sun.


I had them a few times, until I got to seventeen, and it all changed. I remember wanting to go to the library, but I couldn’t see out of my right eye, for about 45 mins. I wasn’t scared, as I had never experienced this before, so didn’t know what to expect next!

Lorraine Barry

When the blindness passed, just like that, I had an intense pain in right eye, and was sick continuously. My mum had to take me to GP, where I received an injection into my bum, to stop the sickness. One whole day later, I could still feel the pain, especially if I coughed, or laughed hard.

I’m 46 now and many years ago, I was diagnosed with migraine with aura. Now I have chronic migraine, still being violently sick. The pain is so bad that I’ve thought of ending it all.


I get so many attacks in one month, I have Botox every 12 weeks, Zomig, which is a lifesaver taken at the precise right time, and Lamotrigine pills.

I feel now, I’ll always suffer, but I’m learning that, it’s part of me. It’s been a long struggle, many lost years, lonely existence, but I’m still here, fighting, hopefully in my lifetime, they’ll find a cure, until then, I’ll keep on fighting.

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