12th December 2019

Major project aimed at transforming what it’s like to live with migraine in the UK launched

‘State of the Migraine Nation’ project

We have launched a major research and policy project looking at the impact that migraine has on people’s lives and exploring some of the key opportunities and challenges facing the migraine community over the next 5-10 years.

The development of the ‘State of the Migraine Nation’ project will involve the active participation of people affected by migraine and those working to help people with the condition. It will serve as our ‘green paper’ to the different governments across the UK for the kind of change we want to see.

The project will ascertain what progress has been made, identify emerging issues, and priorities for future campaigns.

Gus Baldwin, chief executive of The Migraine Trust, explains why the charity is launching the project:

“One of the key conclusions from our recent migraine community consultation was that people living with migraine often feel frustrated, unsupported, let down and alone. Whether that’s the poor care and treatment they’re receiving from the NHS, or the lack of support they get from their employer, or the fact that they have no one to talk to who understands what it is really like to live – day-in day-out – with this complex, painful, debilitating and exhausting brain disease.
"But it is the scale of this migraine challenge, the millions of people that migraine affects, and the hundreds of thousands of lives that are being ruined right now that convinced us that this State of the Migraine Nation programme is needed. We hope our final report will start a programme of campaigning to improve national policies and practice that will give us the chance to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people affected by migraine across the UK.”

The project will be led by Lisa Plotkin, Policy and Research Manager at The Migraine Trust:

“This is an ambitious project but it is clear that there is both the need and appetite for change across the whole community. I am looking forward to working with the community in developing shared recommendations for change which we can then campaign together on.”

The research, analysis and policy development for the ‘State of the Migraine Nation’ project will take place over the next eight months with a report being launched at the 18th Migraine Trust International Symposium (MTIS) in September 2020.

You can read more about the project and how you can get involved in an article by Lisa on our new blog and some of the key findings about healthcare from the community consultation that led to the launch of the project are outlined in an article by Gus in the Health Service Journal.