Matt's story


Hi. Since 2007 I have been suffering from hemiplegic migraines, but I was not diagnosed until February 2015. It means that without any warning I could have migraine.

I’m not certain to what cause my specific migraines, sometimes it can be light, but then I can suddenly have one.

The migraines tend to start in my right eye and the pain creates a ‘patch’ over my vision, making it difficult to see or not able to see. I then start to get terrible neck pains and usually my right arm starts to tingle and become numb. This lasts for about 40 minutes. Once that has worn off my face, mouth and leg starts to tingle and become numb resulting in slurred speech and difficulty walking. After the numbness has gone I am normally left with an excruciating headache for at least 24 hours making it hard to sleep, talk and do everyday chores.

The worst thing about these migraines is that there is no treatment, so when I get one I have to keep going through with the pain.

In February 2015 I had an MRI scan to see why I got these headaches, and then I was told that they were hemiplegic migraines, and that I could ‘grow out of them’.

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