26th November 2019

Migraine Action trustees join our Board

Mike Wakefield, Migraine Action’s former chair, and Gary George, its former trustee, join the Board

The Migraine Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of two former Migraine Action trustees to our Board.

Gary George, Michelle Walder, and Mike Wakefield

Mike Wakefield, Migraine Action’s former chair, and Gary George, have joined the Board from October.

Another former Migraine Action trustee, Ann Harrison, joins in a new ‘Ambassador’ role.

Migraine Action closed in September last year and gifted the charity’s assets to The Migraine Trust to enable a single UK-wide migraine charity to flourish.

One national migraine charity

Welcoming the news, Michelle Walder, The Migraine Trust’s chair, said: “We are delighted that Mike and Gary have decided to join our Board and that Ann will be an ‘ambassador’ for our wonderful charity. They bring with them huge experience of leading a UK migraine charity.

“The Migraine Trust puts people affected by migraine at the heart of everything we do and we hope to work together with Mike, Gary, and Ann, to continue to grow an active migraine community that can act as both a source of support and a movement for change.”

Mike said: “We’re excited by the ambition and direction of travel The Migraine Trust has set out over the past few months and it is because of this, coupled with our ongoing passion to support people affected by migraine, that we accepted Michelle’s kind invitation to join the Board.”

Gary said: “The Migraine Trust trustees could not have been more welcoming. They see the huge potential of having a single UK-wide migraine charity that is both representing and empowering people affected by migraine while at the same time funding new research to help find a cure for migraine. We are keen to roll up our sleeves and help The Migraine Trust to play an even bigger role in improving people’s lives.”

Ann said: “As an Ambassador for the Migraine Trust, I look forward to continuing to raise awareness about migraine and how it impacts people’s lives, through one national charity.”

Gus Baldwin, The Migraine Trust’s Chief Executive, said: “Migraine is ruining hundreds of thousands of lives across the UK right now. Focusing all our energies around one national migraine charity will enable us to more clearly sound the alarm and help improve more lives more quickly.

“We hope that Mike, Gary and Ann’s arrival will also encourage more former Migraine Action members to see our charity as their new home. They are very welcome, our free support services are here for them, and we would love for them to help us to grow our charity so we can reach and help more people.”

Jenny Mills retires from Board

Jenny Mills and Michelle Walder

At the same time, The Migraine Trust’s current treasurer, Jenny Mills, has retired after 12 years on The Migraine Trust’s Board. She has also been appointed as a new ‘Ambassador’ for our charity.

Jenny said: “I have been very proud to be a member of the Migraine Trust Board and of what we have been able to do together to fund new research and help people in need. I retire from the Board full of hope and excitement about our charity’s future.

“Having one national migraine charity offers the best hope for people affected by migraine.  I wish the new Board every success and will continue to actively support The Migraine Trust and help to raise awareness and understanding about migraine in my new role as an ambassador.”